Hepatitis B

Euvax B Injection, Recombinant Hepatitis B Vaccine

Therapeutic indications: Immunization against infection caused by known subtypes of Hepatitis B virus.

Active ingredient: Each ml of Euvax B Injection contains 20microgram of purified hepatitis B surface antigen

Posology and method of administration: Euvax BTM is for intramuscular use only.
One pediatric dose (neonates, infants and children aged up to and including 15 years of age) is 0.5 ml containing 10 micrograms of HBsAg.
One adult dose (from 16 years of age) is 1.0 ml containing 20 micrograms of HBsAg.

Nature and Contents of Container: 10 mcrogram/0.5ml 1, 10, 20 vial, 20 mcrogram/1.0ml 1, 10, 20 vial

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