Our HR Policy

As TURK İlaç and Serum Sanayi, we believe that the most important asset is human resources, and that all kinds of development and progress pass through happy employees and happy workplaces.

The basis of our Human Resources policy is to bring in human resources that will contribute to the activities of our company, to develop them personally and professionally, and to maintain belonging depending on our values.

With this approach that puts people at the center, it focuses on employee experience; We act with an innovative human resources perspective that builds on the values ​​of equality, solidarity, modernity and lifelong development.

Those who want to work with us at TURK İlaç ve Serum Sanayi A.Ş., can send us their resumes by following open positions on Kariyer.net and LinkedIn or by using info@turkilac.com.tr. insankaynaklari@battalholding.com.tr