Therapeutic indications: According to WHO’s suggestions, it is indicated for people who are thought
to be exposed to the rabies virus, especially for people with a case of serious exposition.

Active ingredient: KamRAB is a sterile, non-pyrogenic aqueous solution containing not less than 150
IU/ml of anti-rabies immune globulin (human).

Posology and method of administration: : Post-exposure prophylaxis consists of a regimen of one dose
of immunoglobulin and full courses of rabies vaccination. Rabies immunoglobulin and the first dose of
rabies vaccine should be given as soon as possible after exposure. Additional doses of rabies vaccine
should be given according to official guidelines or the manufacturer’s instructions.

Rabies prophylaxis exclusively with simultaneous vaccination: recommended dose of rabies immunoglobulin is 20 IU/kg body weight, preferably at the time of the first vaccine dose. It may also be given through the seventh day after the first dose of vaccine is given.

It is used with an IM injection

Nature and Contents of Container: It is available as 2,5 and 10 ml in glass bottle.

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