Production Facility

As TURK İlaç and Serum Sanayi,

As TURK İlaç and Serum Sanayi, was established in 2010 in order to produce and supply priority and strategic products in our country and took its place in the Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry. The ideal of our company, which carries out the fully authorized representation of many companies that are on the WHO list and recognized worldwide, is to make our strategic products and services our national productions and to provide the highest quality, fast and ethical service in the light of science to human health in a sustainable manner.In this context, our production continues in our facilities equipped with the highest technology that have GMP certification.

Our facility;

1,200 liters of Diphtheria Toxoidi, 7,500 liters of Tetanus Toxoid and 30,000,000 doses of Diphtheria & Tetanus vaccine for 15,000 liters of finished product annually,

24.000 pcs / hour Ampoule,

Ampoules are filled in a form range of 1-20 ml, under aseptic conditions and in accordance with the latest technology.

44.000 pcs / hour Vial,

Vial filling is carried out in the form range of 2-20 ml, under aseptic conditions and in accordance with the latest technology.

8.000 liters / hour Dialysis Solution,

In our dialysis solution line, volumes of 5, 6, 8 and 10 liters are produced.

300 liters / hour Hemofiltration Solution,

In our hemofiltration solution line, sterile filling is carried out in 5-liter double or single-chamber PP packages.

700.000 pcs / hour Tablet,

In addition to the conventional tablet types, the tablet production department also has double-sided tablet production technology with different active ingredients.

It has a capsule production capacity of 200.000 pcs / hour,

In addition to direct dry granulation production, our capsule production line has a production technology that can contain coated, pelleted multi / active ingredients in the desired condition and condition.