Human Resources Policy


Our HR Policy


uman Resources is the prime principal for us as Turk İlac. We think that any investment to be made to Human Resources is the most significant value regarding enhancing the added value of the company. Our mission is to form staff personnel that have the ability to contribute to us while reaching our goals, to hire and position the appropriate personnel, and to improve our manpower via trainings while adopting the most effective and productive working conditions.

  • To employ workers open to improvement with the required qualifications by taking the mission, goal and improvements of our company into consideration.
  • To provide a job environment that complies with the characteristic of the job and to create equivalent working conditions.
  • To provide training and improvement opportunities for all our personnel in accordance with their qualification and abilities.
  • To aim for our personnel to make their qualification and ability level reach the highest level, and to encourage them to success & creativity.
  • To inform our personnel in time regarding matters that concern them, to develop an effective communication manner that will let our personnel state their views and opinions to the managers with ease,


ur personnel is the most valuable resource of our company and an inseparable part of the training processes on our way for continuous development. The goal of our training programs is not only to provide the methods and means to be applied, but also to contribute to the innovation & development of our personnel. Our mission is to provide our personnel with the convenience to ideally perform their jobs on their current positions, additionally, to ensure their development regarding management positions on a going-forward basis.