Contract Manufacturing

TURK İlaç ve Serum Sanayi A.Ş is a reliable solution partner that is preferred both nationally and internationally in contract manufacturing services in the pharmaceutical industry with its modern, scientific and high-quality production approach based on protecting human health. Advantages such as continuously improving quality, full compliance with technology and cGMP conditions, responsibility and document traceability, optimization of the operation processes provided in contract manufacturing services, and customization of production according to scientifically approved customer demand can be provided.

In this context;

  • Ampoules with the latest technology in aseptic conditions in volumes between 1 ml - 10 ml,
  • A capsule that can contain multiple active ingredients, coated and packaged under the desired conditions and conditions,
  • In addition to the known conventional tablet types, it carries out the production of double-sided tablets with different active ingredients in a quality that the end consumer can safely use, with a perspective that always follows the innovation.

All products in solid and ampoule form are produced in different batch sizes in our facility, which is completely designed in accordance with cGMP, with automation-controlled closed systems and equipment belonging to worldwide known brands.

The packaging of semi-finished products of solid form is carried out untouched in fully automatic machines with electronic control systems where products and defective products can be distinguished.

Filling of ampoule forms is carried out with high efficiency in process rooms where all critical parameters such as temperature, humidity and particle measurements are instantly monitored with computerized systems.

Tablets, film-coated tablets, capsules and double-layer tablets produced with special production methods and ampoules that can be filled between 1-10 ml are produced in the fastest times in international standards in line with the requests of our customers by following up-to-date GMP practices and technological developments.