Turk Drug and Serum Ind. Inc.


URK Drug and Serum Industry Inc., which is within the structure of BATTAL Holding Company and which is the newest member providing health care services was established in 2010 in a 6800 square meters closed area. In parallel with the requirements, additional facility was built on an area of 16.000 square meters and has been put into service with its production facility built on an area of 56.000 square meters in Akyurt ANKARA which is now becoming prominent in Turkish pharmaceutical sector.

TURK Drug and Serum Industry Inc. deals mainly in human medicines and vaccine production. With its leading, dynamic and professional sta, the company completed its investment in production facilities successfully within the shortest time.

Although TURK Drug and Serum Industry Inc. is new in the sector, it has become one of the pioneering companies producing vaccine which has strategical importance for our country. The company also established the first and only vaccine production facility.

With the serial vaccine production against hepatitis B and Td which will commence in 2017 in our production facility, our country’s foreign-source dependence for diphtheria, tetanus and hepatitis B will end. In addition to this, we aim to export 70% of the total production.

We will be carrying “the national vaccine production project” into effect in our facilities and in order to produce diphtheria and tetanus vaccines, we have started working with BBNCIPD Bulgaria Company which we represent by signing technological transfer agreement.

Our facility is equipped with the cutting-edge technology and is designed with the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). Also, the selection for the equipment within the facility is performed based on the
international norms.

WFI and HVAC Systems, which are the most important elements in pharmaceutical medicine manufacturing, is designed in accordance with advanced automation and engineering. Including technical areas, facility’s all units are under surveillance for 24 hours with automated controlled systems. In addition, the facility is established on an area which enables addressing any issues with a fast and direct response in all the plant.

TURK Drug and Serum Industry Inc., which attaches great importance to the quality of product and production facility as well as adopts it as company principle, has a capacity of producing 700,000 pcs/h Tablets, 200,000 pcs/h Capsules, 24,000 pcs/h Ampoules, 9000 pcs/h IV parenteral solution and 8000 lt / h hemodialysis solution.
Although TURK Drug and Serum Industry Inc., is a new member in the sector, thanks to its decisive and professional sta, it will continue to provide its services to Turkey in the light of science.