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ot to mention “caring the humanity”, forming the list of values with “trustworthiness, entrepreneurship and innovativeness, focusing on quality, customer-oriented mentality, ambition to succeed and respect to environment; Turk İlac forms the human resources to put the aforementioned values in practise, for which they undergo a rigid process.

Turk İlac employs experienced in line with its needs or inexperienced personnel to be trained. The candidates with solid training infrastructure and open to learning mentality are preferred for inexperienced positions, while experienced candidates that are deemed to contribute to company are preferred for experienced positions. Independent from the positions they’re hired for, each candidates has to have mutual competencies which are expected in different levels in accordance with the job to be performed, however, which are also supposed to be possessed for every single position.

While evaluating the abilities and technical skills of the candidates rigorously during the employment processes, which also involves the established means, the selection of the candidates is made in accordance with that matter.