Message From the President


Mehmet Berat BATTAL

Dear Colleagues,

To serve our Turkey , I have been trying with all my might to create works, a 25-year trade my life I’ve had many experiences that I believe to be valuable since 1989. Over the years, all production facilities project, installation and supply stages, each stage of my colleagues process details regarding findings and recommendations in consultation noticed. During the shift changes, in the field in a row I woke up in the eyes of my team who mingled with embarrassment felt determination to work . While working with devotion came to the factory day and night, watching our friends and our family is expanding is increasing day by day I watched my responsibility..

I have already installed many modern production facility .To see my teammates whose employed in the company of me, dutiful, connected and even very happy while they have been working , I deserve this happiness to more people and triggered the idea that without looking back on this enlightened, and fearlessly walked them together..

I believe that one of the most important hardest thing is believed and brave hearts, and I believe can not be bestowed victory to cowards.

TURK İlaç ve Serum Sanayi A.Ş. Ankara / Akyurt facilities, one of a BATTAL Holding Companies, has established to manufacture drugs, GMP standard equipped with the latest technology is an ultra-modern facility.

Patriotism philosopy of us, all our revenues direct to investment for the future of our country and to serve the people of our country .

Throughout your life, I wish you all the best of …


With all respect,
Chairman of the Board