Production Facilities


Turk Drug and Serum Ind. Inc.


ur facility which was inaugurated in April 2015 has been established with the most advanced technology that the pharmaceutical industry can have. It has been designed with the current Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Laboratory Practices compliance and the selection of all production equipment in our facility has been made on the basis of international norms. WFI (water for injection) and ventilation systems, which are the most important elements of pharmaceutical production, are designed with advanced engineering and effective automation level. Technical areas have a settlement that will provide fast and direct intervention to the whole installation and the air quality of the production areas is kept at the highest level by using hepa filter even in non-sterile production areas. Our facility which has a production area of 17.500 square meters, has a closed area of 56.000 square meters in total.

Our plant;

• 700.000 pcs / h Tablets,
Tablet production division; In addition to known conventional tablet types, it also has a double-sided tablet of different active ingredient production technology.

• 200.000 pcs / h Capsules,
Capsule production division; In addition to production by direct dry granulation, it has a production technology capable of containing multiple active ingredients coated, pelleted in the desired terms and conditions.

• 24.000 pcs / h Ampoules,
Turk İlaç has an ampoule filling line in the dosage form range of 1 – 20 ml and the vaccine is filled in accordance with the latest technology in aseptic conditions.

• 9.000 pcs / h IV Parenteral solution,
In the production of IV parenteral solution, the PP bag has been produced with the safety port with TURKFLEKS brand name, which is patented by Turk İlaç in order to prevent the serious problems experienced by the healthcare professionals in practice (shortage of dosing in chemotherapy, separation of IV set from dialysis bag, 100% unloading of bag contents).

• 8.000 lt / h Hemodialysis Solution,
In our hemodialysis solution line, 5 liters, 6 liters, 8 liters and 10 liters volumes are filled.

In our facility located in Akyurt district which is still in investment, production capacity is planned to be increased rapidly by adding vial / prefilled syringe lines with expanding IV and ampoule production area. The necessary investments and technology transfer studies are going on for the vaccines that are filled in our facility by starting to the production simultaneously. Our priority vaccines planned to be filled are; Td, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B vaccines and the transition to the production phase started with the Td vaccine and was presented to our country.